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Helpful things for Minecraft Forge modding

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Helpful Things for Making Mods with Forge for Minecraft 1.15

Getting Started

0) Download and install the JDK for Java 8 and put it in your environment variables
1) Download the forge MDK and your favorite java IDE (eclipse or Intellij Idea will have the most support)
2) Think of a modid for your mod, e.g. "yourmod"
3) open up build.gradle and src/main/resources/META-INF/mods.toml and change all the references to "examplemod" and "modid" to your modid

If you are using Eclipse:
	4) open a command prompt in your mod folder and run |gradlew eclipse|
	5) Import the MDK into your IDE's workspace
	-- if you're using eclipse, set your workspace to one folder up from your mod folder when you open eclipse,
	-- and then go to File -> Import -> Gradle -> Existing Gradle Project -> your mod folder
	-- if you don't see Existing Gradle Project , download the Buildship plugin from the eclipse marketplace
If you are using Intellij, check the forge MDK's readme for instructions
6) Now you're ready to start modding! Check out the examplemod for examples of forge's event system
  -- the idea is that you tell forge to call a specific function that you've defined when a particular thing happens

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